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I needed to get blogging again, wanted to try Azure, and so I thought I’d give Project Nami along with my Visual Studio Dev Essentials credit to host the blog, so here goes. The main topics for my posts will be my experiences as a software tester (with a DevOps focus) as well as some commentary on technology today and my experiences with a variety of those technologies (in particular Microsoft technologies but technology in general – hence the name of the blog Technophile Tester). I should add that I’m writing this on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia 950) using the Microsoft Continuum dock setup (lots more on those things later).

I’m sure I will get around to getting this blog dressed up a bit with a better theme and all, but it’s really designed to be less about configuration and more about having an outlet for my thoughts and opinions again. I hope you’ll add me to your RSS reader (you do use one of those don’t you 🙂 ) – otherwise I suppose you can subscribe via email to receive updates when I publish a new post (which I do hope you’ll do if you don’t use an RSS reader).

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back to my Blog”

  1. Thanks Rosie! I owe you, Richard Bradshaw and Dan Ashby some credit for starting my momentum/motivation for blogging again. I loved Dan Ashby’s mindmap from the recent webinar about Interviewing Testers and I think it provides some great post material for reflecting about my own testing and sharing experiences with others. I hope there is some good stuff in the pipeline to share with folks.

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