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Wow, this week flew by! I’ve had this post on the back-burner since late last week but just haven’t been able to get it out the door. I attended a webinar hosted by the Software Testing Club recently called How I Interview Testers that was given by Dan Ashby. It was excellent and you can view the webinar at the Dojo or view some of the questions Dan answered after the webinar (including one that I asked about interviewing testers completely new to the profession – yay!). (As a sidenote, the Ministry of Testing is pretty awesome and I love the different things they have going on – someday I hope to attend a TestBash, probably Philadelphia because it is on “this side of the pond”, but one in Manchester or Brighton would be even more cool).

Back to Dan’s webinar. He posted a mind map (see the image at the top of this article – credit is all his – check out the links above for more info on the webinar) that showed how his interviews tended to flow and the types of topics that he would ask a candidate about,as well as how he grouped them together. It looks like a great guide for interviewing testers, but I think it could also help guide a tester in identifying different topics to learn about and incorporate into their own testing efforts.

The map just resonated with me as a great place to start talking about testing. As a result I decided to use it for a series of blog posts to kick things off here at Technophile Tester and it give me an opportunity to share my thinking about those topics (and have my thoughts challenged and refined so I can improve them 🙂 ). Some of Dan’s sections obviously allow for some deeper exploration and more blog posts than others, but I’m looking forward to diving into discussing testing. So please consider this post as the table of contents to my first blog series (ever) – What Do You Know About Software Testing? (WDYKAST). Please see the category link to the right to get a current list of the posts in the series.

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