EuroSTAR Webinar Review Series

(This was a blog entry from my previous software testing blog that I have migrated here. I’m going to be bringing that content over a little at a time but I am also going to use the idea in my original blog post and pick up the webinar review series to complement my blog series on the software testing learning mindmap. In that spirit, I have slightly edited the post from its original)

I look for learning opportunities wherever I can get them and I’m generally of the opinion that we can learn from a diverse group of people, including those we may not always agree with. That is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to doing a review series on the webinars available on EuroSTAR’s website as a series of blog posts over the next couple of months. They have 74 listed on the site, dating back to 2008, and seem to come in bunches throughout the year, with an occasional large gap of time between them. At first glance, they look to be a valuable resource for a software tester’s learning plan and cover a wider array of topics, ranging from process, technique, strategy, documentation, management and more. I’ve perused the list and culled it down, somewhat, to the 45 I’m going to highlight in my webinar review series.

The impetus behind this project was really Erik Brickarp‘s session at CAST 2013 (see his blog here) about his experience in developing as a tester over the past year. One of my big takeaways from his session was the need to have some concrete goals that I am committed to in order to focus and create momentum for my learning and improvement process as a tester. I’m still formulating some additional goals for the upcoming year and thinking about how to incorporate another of my takeaways from Erik’s session, which is to step outside of your comfort zone to accelerate the learning and improvement process, but this is my first step. This goes hand-in-hand with the goal of starting a testing blog I have had since I entered the software testing profession just under 2 years ago. I found my experience in the education profession enriched greatly by my blogging efforts and blogging regularly helped to encourage my passion for the profession, as well as helping me to articulate and reinforce the learning and ideas I had. I felt like blogging about my software testing experience would benefit similarly, but haven’t really been able to get going with it. I realized as I encountered the EuroSTAR webinar series and attended Erik’s session at CAST (as well as reading Michael Larsen‘s on-going blog series based on the 99 Things You Can Do to be a Better Tester, for which he needs a blog post that is a table of contents for the series), that this combination of things could be the motivation and structure I needed to get blogging again and make the learning experience from the EuroSTAR webinars more meaningful. So with that backstory, you can always view the posts in the series by clicking on the category to the right.

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